Safeguard Passwords and Credit Cards

ByePass simplifies your digital life while securing it.™

ByePass is a platform-agnostic, secure password manager that also helps protect your online purchases.

ByePass helps prevent dangerous password breaches by offering a hassle-free way to:

  • Encrypt—shield your passwords and credit cards online.
  • Never forget another password—because you won’t have to remember them!
  • Securely organize—delete and throw away those dangerous password lists.
  • Ensure adequacy of your passwords—ByePass automatically assesses the security level of your passwords.
  • Cease typing passwords—ByePass will autofill them, and even think them up for you with its password generator feature.
  • Remotely log out—of all websites from wherever you are.


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Simple, secure automated password management for Windows®, Android and iOS. ByePass helps protect your online identity by safeguarding passwords against hackers and simplifying the password management process across all of your digital devices. With ByePass, you never have to remember or type passwords online again. ByePass also features credit card encryption to help secure your online purchases.

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What makes passwords vulnerable to hackers?

  • Failure to change passwords frequently enough
  • Failure to create completely different passwords for every app/service/site
  • Failure to dream up sufficiently secure/complex alphanumeric combinations
  • Storing passwords in an unencrypted browser
  • Failure to log out of websites before leaving your device
  • All of the above

With ByePass, these concerns are automatically and effortlessly taken care of for you. All you will ever have to do is remember one password.

With ByePass, malicious intermediaries are also blocked from stealing your credit card info.

  • ByePass encrypts your credit cards, concealing the numbers from spying eyes.
  • Even online vendors have no access and cannot store it.
  • If those hundreds of thousands of consumers in the Equifax hack had been protected with ByePass, hackers would not have gained access to their credit cards because they wouldn’t have been stored in the first place.

ByePass safe, simple password security™ features:

  • Works with Windows®, Android and iOS
  • Convenient browser extension
  • Unlimited stored passwords
  • Intelligent autofill
  • Password generator
  • Single master password
  • Offline access
  • Automatic sync and backup
  • Secure credit cards
  • Secure notes
  • Breach reports
  • Remote browsing history clearance
  • Login Guardian™ remote logoff all websites

System Requirements:

ByePass is a secure web browser extension compatible with many operating systems running the latest versions of Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Edge. ByePass is also available for iOS and Android mobile devices.

Why ByePass

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8.1, 8, 7

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